Lucas Hooghkerk


Lucas Hooghkerk was born in April 1712. He was the son of Lucas Hoogkerk and his second wife, the widow Judik Marselis Hooghkerk. He grew up as the youngest child in a large combined family on the Southside of Albany. He was known as "Lucas Hooghkerk, Jr."

In August 1734, he married Albany native Rebecca Fonda at the Albany Dutch church. By 1750, nine children had been christened in Albany. However, Lucas was left a widower with the death of Rebecca in November 1750.

Beginning in 1743, his "lime kiln" was referenced in the city records. His father had died in 1741 - leaving him in charge of the enterprise.

Lucas Jr. followed his father as a brickmaker. In 1733, his brickyard on Gallow's Hill was referenced in a real estate transaction. Perhaps his identification on the census of Albany householders in 1756 was meant to be interpreted as "brickmaker" rather than what appears as "britchesmaker." (But perhaps not!) In 1742 and again in 1763, his name appeared on lists of Albany freeholders. During the 1760s, his first ward holdings were accorded moderate assessments. His almost grown son, John, was named on the tax list along with the father. But, in 1779, the Albany assessment rolls no longer valued Lucas Hooghkerk's properties.

On a number of occasions into the 1770s, his accounts were paid from the city treasury. In 1759 and again in 1765, he was appointed firemaster for the first ward. In March 1769, he was among a number of people who were deeded an unlocated lot in the city.

Expected to turn seventy-one in 1783, Lucas Hooghkerk, Jr. probably did not survive the end of the War.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Lucas Hooghkerk is CAP biography number 3604. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 2/25/08