List of the Persons . . . Funeral . . . Henry J. Bleecker - 1808

List of the Persons to be invited to the funeral of Henry J. Bleecker on Monday next [January 30] at 4 O'Clock to move from the House of his Father.

John B.Romeyn & family
John Van Schaick & family
T. V. W. Graham and wife & Sons and two daughters
Nicholas Bleecker and wife & Sons
Henry Bleecker and wife
Harmanus Ten Eyck - wife
            & Sons
Widow Catalina Bleecker
            *Widow Elizabeth Bleecker
Barent Bleecker
John Bleecker at his mother's in Pearl Street
James Bleecker & Son
John R. Bleecker
Charles L. Platt
John J. Bleecker &
            Son Sybrant
Jacob Bleecker Junr and
            two Sons
Henry Staats and Son
Barent Staats
Joachim Staats & Jacob C. Cuyler
Wm Staats & Son
Capt. John Staats
Abraham Hun [
John Bassett at Mr. Hunn's

Henry Quackenboss
Abraham Ten Broeck
James Van Ingen
Barent G. Staats & David Simmon

Robert R. Henry
George Metcalf
Chester Bulkley
Jacob Mancius
Isaac Hutton
Andrew Anderson
George Klink
John Sharp

[sheet 2]
The Third ward and Watervliet Street south of Mr. Leonard's Corner
Stephen Van Rensselaer -- Robert Dunbar
Abraham Ten Broeck
Stewart Dean
Jacob H. Wendell & Son
Maus R. Van Vranken
Jacob Lansing Junr.
Jacob J. Lansing
Christopher Lansing
Isaac Fryer
Bastijan T. Visscher - G Marselis
            Capt. H. Staats
Levinus L. Winne
John L. Winne
Peter Dox and Sons
[crossed out Henry] Staats
Gerret Cluet
Dr. Willard
John Willard
Nicholas Quackenboss
Benjamin Wallace
Joseph Caldwell
Jacob A. Cuyler
David Pruyn
Revd. Mr. Wilson
Lucas Hoghkerk
Peter D. Beekman

John Evertson
Benjamin Hansen
Albert Hansen
John D. Groesbeck
David J. Groesbeck [crossed out]
John B. Visscher
Cornelius Groesbeck
John Mc Donald
Ard. Mc Intyre
Jeremiah Lansingh
Harmanus Lansingh
Gerardus Lansing
P. E. Elmendorf
Doctor Mc Clellan
[ditto] Low
Dr. Simon Veeder
Cornelius Brown
J. O. K. Bennet
David J. Groesbeck
Doctor Woodruff
Philip Hooker
John J. Pruyn
Jacob Van der Hyden
C. R. Websters
George Webster
Elisha Skinner
Sebastian Visscher
Daniel Steele [or Hale]

[sheet 3]
Daniel ____ [crossed out]
Peter R. Ludlow
John Woodworth
David Schuyler
Alexander MIller
Volkert A. Douw
Jacob J. Pruyn
Casparus Pruyn & Son
R. Westerlo
Corns. Truax
Jeremiah Vn Rensselaer
Garret Lansing Junr.
Corns. Van Schelluyne & Son
Dirck Van Echelon [crossed out]
Goldsbrow Banyar
George Hutton
Elisha Putnam
Douw Fonda
John Beekman
Le Breton
John Cuyler
Jacob Cuyler at Doct Mancius'

State Street
The Mayor
Wm. P. Beers
Samuel Whiting -- E. J. Backus
John W. Yates
George Ramsay
George Pearson
Saml. Dexter -- Mc Gregory

Thomas Barry -- Saml Hill
Philip __ Deforest
G. W. Van Schaick
Augustus Vn Schaick
Peter Van Loon
John Tayler
Charles D. Cooper
Christian Miller
Wm. Caldwell
James Caldwell
John D. P. Douw
Stewart Lewis
B. V. Clench
John Stevenson
Philip Wendell
Henry Oothout
K. K. Vn Rensselaer
George Merchant
J. V. N. Yates - Revd. Beasely
James Barclay
Jacob Van Loon
James Gourly
Peter Beekman [bracketed with] Abraham Schuyler

Court Street
James Kane
Henry R. Lansing
Henry Bogart
Garret Bogart
Mr. Trotter
John Bogart

[last sheet]
Gerrit A. Lansing
Judge Thomson
Simeon DeWitts
Thomas Lansing

Hudson Street
John Van Zant
Henry Van Wort
James Lagrange
Thomas Mather -- John J. Ostrander
John Robison -- Isaac Dennisons
Abraham Ten Eyck & Abraham Ten Eyck, Junr at Sander Lansing


Document consisting of an ordered list of 163 invitees. Manuscript #DA10431, in the John N. Bleecker Papers, at the NYSL. This document has been transformed and included here for the insights it provides on residency and interactions. For example, for the listing here, we learned that Samuel Hill was the son-in-law of Thomas Barry.

Transformed by SB from a photocopy of an original document in the State Library collection.

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