Jacob Mancius


Jacob Mancius was born in December 1779. He was the son of Albany mainstays Wilhelmus and Anna Ten Eyck Mancius. He grew up a middle child in the family of a merchant-turned-physician and postmaster who worked out of a landmark house in the heart of the old city. Occasionally, he was referred to as "Jacob Ten Eyck Mancius."

He is said to have joined in when his father opened a Post Office in the rear of their Market Street home in 1795.

The Albany censuses for 1790 and 1800 counted Jacob within his father's household. Following Wilhelmus Mancius's death in 1808, Jacob took over his apothecary and operation of the post office as well. His Market Street homes were configured on the censuses in 1810 and 1820 and in the city directories as well.

In April 1806, he had married young Jane Ann Barber of Dutchess County. Between 1809 and 1822, the marriage produced five children.

Carrying on in the family home on the southeastern corner of what became State and Broadway, Jacob kept the post office and drug store while also engaging in the sale of "East India" products.

He was actively engaged in purchasing real estate mostly within but also beyond Albany. His city holdings were extensive.

In 1810, he was appointed sheriff of Albany County. He held that office until replaced in 1813. Samuel A. Foote commented on his neighbor's character as sheriff.

Jacob Mancius died at his residence on Montgomery Street in November 1833. This merchant and former postmaster had lived fifty-four years. His wife died the following August. His will passed probate in November 1834. The building where the Mancius family conducted business for a half century was razed in 1861.

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