Benjamin Hansen


Benjamin Hansen was born in September 1747. He was the son of Isaac and Maria Bradt Hansen. He was named for his mother's father, Benjamin Bradt and grew up a middle child of a large family in a third ward home while his grandfather's home was next door. His father died in 1758.

In September 1769, this shoemaker's son was appointed constable for the third ward. In December 1778, his account was paid by the city government.

During the war years, he was in his twenties and his name was found on a roster of the first regiment of the Albany militia. However, he was not among those accorded a land bounty right under the Albany regiment. We expect to find more information on his wartime activities.

This individual probably did not marry but was included as the householder of record in the second ward on community surveys beginning in 1788. His mother died in 1790. By 1800, he was listed on the census with three other age cohorts and an adolescent boy.

In March 1794, he probably was the Benjamin Hansen who was identified as the surviving executor of the estate of the late Teunis Slingerland in a payment-related law enacted by the State legislature. Perhaps the deceased was the father-in-law of his brother John.

In January 1808, he was among those invited to the funeral of a third ward neighbor.

Beginning in 1813 and thru 1817, city directories listed his home at 20 Steuben Street and his occupation as shoemaker.

A Benjamin Hansen, Jr. (probably not this individual) married in 1805 and lived for many years. However, this Albany shoemaker has not yet been found in the community-based record examined so far after 1817.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Benjamin Hansen is CAP biography number 4963. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 2/15/10