John J. Ostrander, Jr.


Albany resident John J. Ostrander, Jr. was born in November 1774. Family-based information fixes his birthplace as Germantown in today's Columbia County. He was the son of John Ostrander, Jr. and his wife, Catherine Wetzell Ostrander. His parents were from "East Camp" but were moved around greater Albany County due to his father's wartime service. He is functionally delineated as "John J. [sometimes corrupted to I.] Ostrander, Jr." to prevent confusion with several similarly named individuals.

His family settled permanently in Albany in 1784. In 1799, his personal property was valued separately under his father's first ward holdings.

He married Anna Muir. Their daughter was christened at the Albany Dutch church in July 1800. The marriage appears to have produced other children as well.

In January 1800 he was named co-executor in the will filed by his father who died shortly thereafter. Later that year, this subject's first ward household first was configured on the census next to that of his widowed mother. For the next three decades he remained an Albany mainstay.

In January 1808, he was among those Albany personages who were invited to the funeral of Henry J. Bleecker.

This individual was an attorney (need information on his training and career profile) and a member of a number of community-based organizations. He also acquired a number of parcels of real property in the first ward.

Beginning with the first edition in 1813, "John I. Ostrander" was listed in the city directories as "Examiner in chancery" at what became 9 and later 55 South Pearl Street. As late as 1830, he was practicing law from the latter address.

In May 1815, he was named co-executor of the estate of a neighbor and fellow attorney.

In 1816-17, "John I. Ostrander" (several same-named contemporaries) was identified as a member of the New York State Assembly representing Albany County as a Federalist.

This individual was a pillar of the Albany Dutch church. In 1825, he was identified as a deacon when included on the roster of the "Great Consistory."

Subsequent documents noted that he re-located (along with his mother) to Onondaga County in 1832. His household was configured on the census for the town of Tully in 1840.

John J. Ostrander, Jr. is said to have died in September 1849 and was buried in the Tully cemetery. His widow lived on in Onondaga County until her death in 1865.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John J. Ostrander, Jr. has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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