Jacob Van Loon


Jacob Van Loon was born in March 1750. He was the son of Petrus and Dirckje De Garmo Van Loon - residents of southern Albany County (Loonenburg). Both of their great grandfathers had been Albany patriarchs.

In September 1772, he married young Christina Schuyler at the Albany Dutch Church. By 1798, eleven children had been christened in the church where he was a lifelong member and church officer. In 1815, he was a member of the Great Consistory.

Although the exact nature of his wartime service is not yet clear, afterwards he was accorded a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

During the 1770s, he began to acquire Albany property - particularly in the second ward. His holdings first were valued on the city assessment rolls in 1779. But in 1788, only his personal property was valued under the third ward store of "Ten Eyck & Bleecker."

During the 1780s, he was paid from the city treasury and his properties were referenced in the city records.

In 1790, his household included seven family members. His home was in the second ward along the road leading west at 84 Lion Street. During the early 1800s, he paid for a tavern owner's license. Afterwards, his house and lot on Lion Street was accorded a moderate assessment.

Jacob Van Loon lost his wife when Christina died in October 1798 following the birth of her last child. In 1800, two boys and two young adults were living in his second ward home. The first city directory listed his residence in the rear of 84 Lion (later Washington) Street. The front of that address was the business of "Becker & Van Loon, merchants." In that year, he also was identified as an assistant alderman in the second ward.

Also, listed in the first few directories, was a second "Jacob Van Loon" at that address. Family members and the widow of Jacob (had old Jacob remarried?) continued to live there into the 1830s.

Jacob Van Loon was dead by March 1821 when his will passed probate. We seek obituary and burial information for this church officer.

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