*Mayor's Court - June 27, 1699

[Sheriff] Johannis Groenendyke vs. [Recorder] Jan Janse Bleeker "Five several fynes" were demanded of the defendant for taking Indians into his house with their packs. The defendant denied the acts complained of, and the matter was settled.

In Pursuance to an order directed to Jacobus Turke, Johannis Thomase and Evert Wendel, dated ye 17th of this instant, they returned the following persons were not actually Inhabitants in the Citty when ye Charter was obtained, and [the the] same are not possessed with there freedom, as also those who have deserted this Citty with their families in ye late warr, one year and six weeks, viz:

Pieter Verbrugh
Edward Reims
Luykas Luykasse
Gerrit Roeloffse
Daniel Wilkeson
William Hilten
Phillip Schuyler
John Carr
Robert Livingston
William Hogen
Jan Van Wryden
Jan Fyne
Hend. Van Dyk
Joseph Janse
Teunis Dirkse
Jonathan Broadhorst
John Kidney
Ruth Melgertse
Gerrit Ryckse
Volkert van Hoese
Adriaen Quackenbos
Robert Frethy
Daniel Bratt
Thomas Williams
Thomas Winne
Anthony van Schaik
Johannis D. Wandelaer
Johannis Abeel


Excerpt taken from the printed city records under the heading "Mayor's Court, June 27, 1699." Transformed from an online printing (aka Annals, vol. 3, p. 52).

This item is one of a number of moves by Albany government to enforce its so-called trading monopoly by denying that right to outsiders. At least eleven of the twenty-eight names were associated with the Albany garrison company(s).
       At the same time, the inclusion of such obvious insiders as Philip Schuyler, Robert Livingston, Johannes Abeel, and even Daniel Bradt, Anthony Van Schaick, and Hendrick Van Dyck suggests that other motivations might be at play or simply that the enumerators might have been overzealous in application of the literal definitions of "qualified."

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