The Mayor's Court

The Albany Mayor's Court was established following the granting of the city charter of 1686. It was the logical successor to the municipal/town (local) court put into place by the English after 1664. These, in turn, appear to have been based on the Court of Beverwyck - which adjudicated local matters during the last decade of the New Netherland period.

During the long eighteenth century, a range of legal matters appeared to be considered by the "Mayor's Court." It appears that, the justices were the mayor and city council. References to Mayor's Court considerations are found throughout the printed City Records. "Mayor's Court" may have been a functional name for the "Court of Common Pleas."

As more pertainent information is encountered during the course of our work it will be added to this exposition.

Actual, distinct records of the Mayor's Court have been preserved for the years 1761 to 1800.

A number of monthly jury lists covering 1798 have been preserved in the papers of Sheriff John Given.


See the 1896 edition of the printed version of the charter for the court's initial authorization.

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first posted: 12/30/10