Hendrick Van Dyck


Hendrick Van Dyck was born about 1665. He was the eldest son of Albany physician Cornelis Van Dyck and his first wife, Elizabeth Lakens Van Dyck.

In February 1689, he married Maria Schuyler. By 1704, their eight children had been baptized in the Albany Dutch church where both parents were members and occasional baptism sponsors.

Like his father, Hendrick practiced medicine and was identified as a surgeon. His home near the river was an early Albany landmark. He served as an attorney, engaged in business and, in 1699, was charged with trading without a license. In 1699 and afterwards, he joined other mainstays in petitioning the royal governor on Albany's behalf. He was involved in community service - serving as juror, assessor, and assistant alderman in the first ward from 1690 to 1694. He also was a contractor of the city corporation.

Living only into his forties, Dr. Hendrick Van Dyck reportedly drowned at Albany on April 11, 1707. He died intestate but his widow was able to secure letters of Administration in 1716. After a number of years of living in Albany, Widow Maria Van Dyck re-located their family to Kinderhook.

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