John Finn
Stefan Bielinski

John Finn was listed as the head of a childless Albany household on the city census in 1697. Two years later, he joined his Albany neighbors in signing a loyalty oath to the King of England.

He probably was a soldier at the Albany fort!

In June 1697, he married Jopje Classe Van Slyck at the Albany Dutch church where their child was baptized in 1698. He then married Alide Jans Gardinier in 1699. By 1702, two of their children had been baptized at the Albany church.

During that time, he was a juror and litigant before the Albany court. In June 1699, he was among those cited for illegal trading as he did not possess the freedom of the city. Subsequently, he did have a trading license!

Traditional sources identify him as a cooper and that he was from Waterfort, Ireland. However, the census in 1697 did not identify him as Irish - unlike the designation assigned to his neighbor William Hogan.

Otherwise, after signing Albany-based petitions in 1700 and 1701 and being named in the baptism of a son in 1702, John Finn's name disappeared from the community record. We move on for now still seeking defining information on his precise origins and later life.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John Finn/Jean Fyne/Fein/Fine/Syne is CAP biography number 6028. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Somewhat conflicting information on his first marriage (which states he was from England) appears in the Manhattan church records. The name of his first wife is the subject of some discussion.

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