Thomas Winne


Thomas Winne (aka Tomas) probably was born before 1670. He was the son of New Netherland pioneers Pieter and Tannetje Adams Winne. He grew up a middle child in a very large family on his father's extensive holdings mostly located south of what became the city of Albany.

In 1683 and afterward, he was counted among the members of the Dutch church in Albany. In 1687, he also was admitted to the Dutch church in New York City.

In July 1684, he was among the thirteen children named in the joint will filed by his parents. His father died first. In 1693, his mother remarried. She was dead by 1697 and "Tomas" was among the many remaining heirs who then would share in the Winne estate.

In October 1689, he married one "Teuntje Jans Goes" at the Albany church. At the time, both partners were living "near Albany." By 1696, four children had been christened in Albany. Perhaps, another child was christened in New York in 1699. Tomas Winne was an occasional baptism sponsor in Albany during the 1690s.

In June 1699, he was among the twenty-eight non natives who were cited by the Albany court because they did not possess the freedom of the city. Thus, they could not legally trade with the Indians. Earlier, in January 1699, he was among those Albany County residents who pledged allegiance to the Protestant King of England.

It appears that he was a would-be fur trader. However, his activities and actual residence has thus far eluded our most recent sweep of community-based resources. Perhaps his life was cut short before his overall economic profile would be more fully articulated.

Thomas Winne was dead by October 1705 when Teuntje ("wid. of Thomas Winnen") remarried At that time, she was living at Kinderhook. She is said to have lived for more than two decades. Thomas Winne, however, had lived for less than forty-years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Thomas Winne is CAP biography number 3128. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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