Spelled variously, the Winne family of early Albany descends from Pieter Winne who emigrated from Belgium during the 1650s and settled in the hinterland around Beverwyck/Albany. His large family is articulated in a will that he filed in 1684.

The Winne family prospered in greater Albany County (Bethlehem) and maintained a consistent and sometimes notable presence in the city of Albany as well.

In 1697, two Winne-named households appeared on the Albany census and two more were listed in the census of Rensselaerswyck.

In 1720, Capt. Pieter Winne was counted among the freeholders of the third ward. He represented Albany in the provincial Assembly for almost twenty years. In 1720, three other Winne-named freeholders were identified in greater Albany County.

The notorious old Winne place in southern Albany County dates to the first part of the eighteenth century.

In 1756, the household of cooper Kiliaen Winne appeared on the census of Albany householders.

By 1790, three Winne-named households remained in the city. However, twelve more Winne-named homes were listed on the census of surrounding Watervliet.

In 1815, the city directory identified thirteen Winne-named addresses that connected the family to every part of the community economy. Included was the Orange Street home of "Willie Winnie" - the three-penny postman.

Today, the family is numerous and well-recalled in the names of roadways in Albany and beyond.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: This access page for the Winne family is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Because the first Pieter Winne had so many surviving children, the Winne family was one of the largest in old Albany County. A small percentage of his descendants found homes in the city of Albany.
Internet resources: Rootsweb; HMGFM; article on Winne family properties.

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NA Winnes: These Winne family members are less closely connected to the life of the early city and do not (yet?) have website biographies. Running list: Pieter Danielse Winne (married Rachel Van Allen in 1720) lived in a landmark house south of Albany;

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