Gabriel Thomase (Thompson)
Stefan Bielinski

Gabriel Thomase (Thompson) [additionally known as "Stridles"] probably was born about 1640. We seek information on his origins and path to Albany.

In January 1662, he was in Rensselaerswyck when he signed a contract to work for one Thomas Powell "in breadmaking" and other things as "a good and faithful servant" for two consecutive years.

By March 1663, he had joined with two other men to lease a house in Beverwyck. In 1665, he rented a house from Jochem Ketelhuyn on his own. Five years later, he purchased a houselot - thus initiating city real property holdings anchored by his home on State Street. Young Robert Livingston boarded with him when he first came to Albany. In 1679, his substantial holdings were assessed on a census of Albany householders.

In December 1665, he was to receive a looking glass from the estate of Rutger Jacobsen.

In September 1675, he was among those Albany men appointed constable for the next year. At that time, he was one of those named as commissaries and listed with the rank of ensign.

Initially, he imported goods from New England for use in the fur trade. During the 1670s and 80s, he made frequent appearances before the Albany magistrates to defend his trading enterprises. At one time, he was the master of the sloop Hopewell which sailed between the Hudson and New England.

About 1678, he married one Jannetje Martens. Some of their children were baptized at the Albany Dutch church and the last two were born in New York in 1693 and 1694. He was not listed on the Albany church membership rolls but he did contribute financial support and witnessed the baptisms of his children in Albany during the 1680s.

By 1695, he had relocated to Manhattan where he was made a "freeman" of New York City on August 8. An affidavit filed a year later called him "a trader with the Indians" who "did live at Albany, now at New York." He also was called a "captain of a company at Albany."

Gabriel Thomase (Thompson) filed a will in September 1702. It mentioned a son and daughters but no wife. He died later in the month. An inventory of his estate was taken in October and filed in April 1703.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Gabriel Thomase (Thompson/Thomson/Tomasse) also known as Stridles/Struddles/Stridells is CAP biography number 1962. This sketch is derived chiefly from community-based resources. Family based profile appears in NYG&B Record; also online. A determined sweep of Internet-Based Resources in December 2017, revealed many useful items not online in 2004. "Gabriel" useful online presentation of ERA

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