Jochem Ketelhuyn
Stefan Bielinski

Jochem Ketelhuyn came to New Netherland in 1642. In 1649, he was a Rensselaerswyck tenant - farming on Papsknee Island.

By the mid-1650s, he had become a householder in the new village of Beverwyck. In 1660, he was counted among the community's fur traders.

He married Anna Willems and began a family that included several sons and daughters who became Albany residents. Settling in Albany, he bought, sold, and rented property and was a litigant before the Albany court. In 1679, he was identified as a marginal Albany householder. In 1684, his Albany taxes were overdue and he was ordered to appear and pay. His home was on the west side of Market Street near Maiden Lane.

Patriarch of the family in America, Jochem Ketelhuyn died between 1684 and 1685. His widow and three sons were Albany householders in 1697.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jochem Ketelhuyn is CAP biography number 4639. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. These sources state that he was the son of attorney and officeholder Jochem Ketel and Margarita Wessels and that he "left Mechlenburg during the Thirty Years War and drifted to Amsterdam!" He probably was born during the first decades of the seventeenth century!

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first posted: 7/10/02