Luykas Wyngaert


Luykas Wyngaert was born in November 1686. He was the youngest son of Albany baker and trader Luykas Gerritse and his wife, Anna Van Hoesen Wyngaert. He was sometimes referred to as "Luykas Wyngaert, Jr."

In 1709, he was left a house in Albany and one in Kinderhook in the will of his parents. He was instructed to make five payements for the benefit of his brother and sister.

Like his father, Luykas was a baker. He appears to have lived with his parents in their first ward house.

He does not appear to have married as his will filed in 1754 mentioned neither wife nor children. In 1715, he belonged to an Albany militia company and to a troop of horse as well.

He was appointed constable in 1715 and 1723 and served as firemaster in 1737. In 1742, his name appeared on a list of freeholders in the first ward.

A Luykas Wyngaert was mentioned in the community record in July 1748 when that person was ordered by the city government to make a new bridge over the Ruttenkill and to help repair broken down bridges in Albany.

In 1754, he may have been the cousin remembered in the will of Albany merchant Luykas Joh. Wyngaert.

We seek additional information on the later life and passing of this individual.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Luykas Wyngaert is CAP biography number 6219. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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