The baker was an essential element of the community production economy. In early Albany, bakers produced breads and cakes for local consumption and for use in the fur trade.

Because of the danger of fire, bakehouses were built outside (in early Albany behind) of the baker's main residential structure. However, each bakery typically was of small scale and operated by a single baker with some family-based help.

The Lansing family followed the baker's craft through many generations. Sanders Lansing was a well-known baker who lived on Market Street for most of the eighteenth century. He was one of nine Albany bakers identified on the census of 1756- namely the elder Ephraim Wendell;

Bakers of note: Wouter Albertse Van Den Uythoff; Anthony Coster; Gerrit G. Lansing;

This page will provide basic access to bakers and baking in early Albany.



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first posted: 0/20/03