Pieter W. Quackenbush


Sometimes referred to as, Pieter W. Quackenbush, this individual was born in June 1706. He was the son of Wouter Jr. and Cornelia Bogert Quackenbush. He was a younger child in the moderate-sized family of an Albany resident who also had ties to Schaghticoke.

He is said to have been named in the will filed by his father in 1711.

Perhaps he is the Rensselaerswyck cooper mentioned in a real estate transaction dated October 29, 1728.

In December 1733, he married Anna Oothout at the Albany Dutch church. By 1742, three sons had been christened in Albany. The wife of Pieter Quackenbush" was buried in February 1757. He (Pieter Wouter) is said to have made some entries in a Quackenbush family bible regarding his sons.

He seems to be the most likely first builder of the landmark Quackenbush House.

In October 1738, he was named in the will of his father-in-law as his wife was due to inherit a share of Oothout's estate..

This Albany native made his home in Rensselaerswyck where he was listed as a freeholder in 1742. Perhaps he was the Pieter who was listed on the list of Albany County freeholders in 1763. However, at least one other same-named individual is a possible candidate.

He is said to have filed a will in May 1782. It stated that he was of the "West District of the Manor."

We seek information on the later life and passing of Pieter W. Quackenbush.

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