Spelled variously, the Hallenbeck family of early Albany descends from New Netherland pioneer Casper Jacobse who settled in Beverwyck during the 1650s.

His youngest son, Isaac Casperse, raised a family in Albany and probably was responsible for the family acquiring a large portion of land in and beyond the southern part of the city of Albany.

Casper Jacobse's other children settled out making the family presence more pronounced in the southern parts of Albany County.

Isaac's son, Hendrick Hallenbeck maintained a small but steady presence in the city of Albany until his death in 1766. At that time, his substantial first ward holdings were divided among a large family.

In 1790, four Hallenbeck housholds lived in Albany's first ward.

In 1813, the first city directory included two "Halenbake" households.

In June 1860, the "Halenbeek Burial Ground" was removed from its South Pearl Street location and the stones relocated to cemeteries.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources:This discussion of the Hallenbeck/Halenbeek/Hollenbake family is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
        Online resources: HFGM; Additional family based genealogical offerings are further summarized online; also Hollenbeck online;.

The removal of the "Halenbeek Burial Ground" is described in Munsell's Collections, volume 2, pp. 410-12. The following five pages are devoted to very useful family information. Sometimes Online; perhaps a more accessible online posting.

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