Casper Jacobse Hallenbeck


According to traditional sources, Casper Jacobse was born about 1620. He is said to have been of German ancestry. He emigrated to New Netherland and worked as a day laborer and then tenant farmer in Rensselaerswyck.

His wife was named Maria or Elizabeth or both. Between 1650 and 1660, three children were christened in greater New Netherland. He was identified as of the Lutheran faith.

After first leasing a house, he was present in Beverwyck at the initial distribution of houselots in 1653. He bought and sold real estate in Albany and its environs. It seems he was known as "Casper Jacobse on the hill" - perhaps located just above (West of) the stockaded settlement that became Albany.

His family also became intertwined with the settlement of what became southern Albany County.

Casper Jacobse Hallenbeck filed a will in September 1685. He is said to have died in August 1703.

Casper Jacobse was the patriarch of the Albany Hallenbeck family. His youngest son became a resident of Albany.

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