Setting and Focus for web-based presentations on the people of colonial Albany

Stefan Bielinski

We believe historical expositions on any topic are dependent on the context/setting/reality of their situation/existence.

This page will describe our definition of the term "Albany context" and will describe our ambition to focus on that path forward. That focus precludes developing an individual's Non Albany story. That said, we will include some peripheral material where possible and prudent. Ideally, external/other sources will do the latter job in more depth and we will be able to link to them.

The "Albany Context" refers to a subject's story as it relates to the larger topic of the founding and development of the city of Albany prior to the Industrial Revolution. That is to say we focus on the part or parts of a subject's life experience in its early Albany setting.

biography in-progress


Definition: Our thinking and subsequent rationale for such selectivity is shaped by basic Colonial Albany Project definitions. The first chapter of the Project Guide further considers and hopefully explains this mindset in some detail.

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