Augustinus Turck


Augustinus Turck was born in July 1700. He was the youngest son of Jacobus and Catharina Van Benthuysen Turck. He grew up a member of a large family in what started out as the second ward home of a prominent businessman and city official.

However, his mother died in 1705 and his father re-married. Jacobus Turck already had moved the family to his second wife's hometown of Kinderhook by the time he died in 1711 - thus leaving young Augustinus to an uncertain adolescence.

In April 1722, the Albany native married Anna Kettlehuyn at the Albany Dutch church. The marriage does not seem to have produced children. Although his father remained active in Albany church ceremonies, this son witnessed only one baptism during the 1720s.

In 1723, he was named city marshall and appears to have held that post for a number of years. He was compensated by the Albany government for his services. In November 1726, city records noted that he was practicing law.

In 1727, his account for two pounds three shillings for use of his canoe from Oswego to New York was among a long list of those approved for payment in the colonial laws of the province.

Augustinus Turck has not been encountered further in the community-based resources thus far considered. However, he may have witnessed a baptism in Rhinebeck with his wife, Anna, in 1751. Additional notations under the name "Augustinus Turck" from the general time period suggest a life in the region south of Albany.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Augustinus Turck is CAP biography number 5327. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 3/20/09