Jacobus Turck
Stefan Bielinski

According to traditional sources, Jacobus Turck may have been born in Kinderhook in 1661 and christened in the New Amsterdam Dutch church on December 4. Then, he would have been the first child born in the large family of Paulus Jacobus and Aeltje Barents Turck - pioneer settlers of New Netherland.

By the 1680s, he had married Catharina Van Benthuysen and was living in Albany. By 1700, eight children had been baptized at the Albany Dutch church where both parents were members and occasional baptism sponsors.

After living for a time in the second ward, these Turcks became first ward mainstays. He also joined his neighbors in signing community-based oaths and petitions.

Turck became quite wealthy - probably through trading. He served his community as assessor and constable. In 1698, he was elected assistant alderman for the first ward and served for several years. He was an active councilman - taking part in numerous official activities. In 1702, he was appointed sheriff of Albany and served until 1705.

His first wife died early in 1705. By October, he had re-married - taking the widow Tryntie Hoes Winnen as his second wife. By 1709, that marriage produced at least two more children. By then, he had re-located to Kinderhook and was off of Albany rolls.

Jacobus Turck died in Albany in March 1711. Some of his offspring further established the family in Albany and its environs.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jacobus Turck is CAP biography number 5323. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Online resources: Lois Gillins

In 1702, his Albany property was assessed at 60 pounds - comparable to the worth of other prominent traders. By 1709, his name no longer appeared on Albany tax rolls.

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