Dirck Roseboom


Dirck Roseboom was born between 1727 and 1732. He was the son of Ahasuerus and Maria Bradt Roseboom. Unlike their other children, his baptism was not recorded in the records of the Albany Dutch church. He grew up in a merchant's home located in the third ward.

His name first appeared in Albany records when he was summoned to appear in court in April 1749. He was appointed constable for the third ward in 1753 and firemaster in 1762. In 1764, his name was included on a petition signed by Albany merchants regarding the Indian trade.

In 1766, he stood with other Albany men in signing a document protesting the Stamp Act. During that period, he seems to have lived with his father. His support of the War seems to have been financial although he was an Albany mainstay during the war years. In 1778, he was among those older Albany men exempted from active duty. Afterwards, he was accorded a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

In May 1770, he was identified as the son and named the principal beneficiary of the estate of his father. When the will was probated in 1774, Dirck received his father's dwelling, a share of another building in Albany, and also personal property and slaves.

Because we can find no children born during the 1750s and 60s, perhaps this Dirck Roseboom did not marry. The wife of a Dirck Roseboom named Rhoda had a child baptized at the Albany Lutheran church in 1788. However, this Dirck would have been about sixty-years-old at that time. He was a member and pewholder at the Albany Dutch church.

Beginning in 1779, Dirck "A." Roseboom was identified as the head of a Roseboom houshold on Albany rolls. In 1788, his home was valued on the city assessment roll. Two years later, the census counted three people in his third ward household.

Dirck Roseboom was buried from the church in May 1796.

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