Will of Ahasuerus Roseboom - 1770

In the name of God, Amen. “Be it known and manifest to all people that I, Ashuerus Rosenboon, of Albany, merchant, ‘being in good health, December 5, 1770.

I leave to my son Dirck all my personal estate, goods, ready money, slaves, and stocks in trade. Also my dwelling house in which I live and the lot situate in Albany, having the house of John Beekman on the north, and the house of Thunis Breat on the south; Also my bolting house. I leave to my son Gerritt the house and lot formerly of Robert Roseboom, deceased, in Albany, bounded north by the house of Wynant Van Denberg, and south by the house of William Roger. I leave to my sons Dirck and Gerritt, the house and lot formerly of John G. Roseboom, decease, in Albany, bounded north by Thomas H. Fischer, south by Egbert Ebgertse. I leave all the rest of my two sons, and make them executors.

Witnesses, Dirck B. Van Schoonhoven, Rogel Viser, Nanning Harmense Visher.

Proved, March 28, 1774.



Will dated December 5, 1770. Probated March 28, 1774. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 32, p. 355.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 9/5/06