Abraham Hooghkerk


Abraham Hooghkerk was born in October 1744. He was a younger son of Lucas and Rebecca Fonda Hooghkerk. He grew up on the Southside of Albany below the family brickyard.

In October 1767, he married Anna (Nancy) Hilton at the Albany Dutch church. By 1786, seven children had been christened in the church where he was a member, pewholder, and occasional baptism sponsor.

Like his father and grandfather, Abraham Hooghkerk was a brickmaker who operated the family brickworks in the first ward on Gallows Hill. He was known as a brickmaker through the end of the century. Abraham and Nancy made their home on Beaver Street near those of both of their families.

Although his name appeared on the roster of an Albany militia company in 1767, unlike his younger brother, he does not appear to have served as a soldier during the War for Independence. However, during the early 1770s, his account was paid from the city treasury.

In 1787, the city records noted that he still occupied and "uses the land as a brickyard." In 1800, his first ward home included two young men, a young woman, and Abraham and his wife.

In March 1804, he was among those who sold a lot of land on Hudson Street.

Abraham Hooghkerk died in May 1807 at the age of sixty-three. He was buried in his church cemetery plot. His will passed probate in January 1814. His widow lived on in their home at 38 Beaver Street until sometime after 1822.

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