Claes Fonda


(Nicholas) Claes Fonda was born during the last quarter of the seventeenth century. He was the son of Douwe and Rebecca Conyn Fonda. He grew up in a large family in his father's North Albany home. His name appeared in the records as both "Nicholas" and "Claes." His father died in 1700.

In November 1716, he married Anna Marselis at the Albany Dutch church. By 1732, six children had been christened in the church where he had been a member since 1692 and was a regular baptism sponsor.

Claes Fonda was an Albany mainstay for more than a half century. He was a cooper, freeholder, and a sergeant in an Albany militia company. In 1706, he first was appointed as constable. The next year, he was chosen high constable. He also served as a firemaster and on juries. In 1732, he was paid for making fire buckets.

He first appeared on Albany rolls in 1699 when he pledged allegiance to the king of England. Beginning in 1702, his second ward property was valued on city assessment rolls.

Claes Fonda lost his wife in 1751. He died in August 1763 and was buried by his son in the church cemetery.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of (Nicholas) Claes Fonda is CAP biography number 3772. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 5/15/07