Jacob Bogert


Jacob Bogert was born in July 1716. He was the son of Pieter and Rebecca Fonda Bogert. He grew up in a shoemaker's home in the third ward. Sometimes, he was known as "Jacob Bogert, Jr." to prevent confusion with an older uncle.

In October 1741, he married Maria Yates at the Albany Dutch church. By 1763, their eleven children had been christened in Albany where both parents were members and his wife and daughter were pewholders.

These Bogerts also lived in the third ward where Jacob was a carpenter and freeholder. In 1739, he was appointed constable. On several occasions, his accounts for services were paid by the city.

Beginning in January 1738, a "Jacob Boghaert" petitioned the city council to buy a piece of unimproved land along the north side of Foxes Creek. That initiative is chronicled in the city records. However, with his uncle possibly still alive, we are cautious in assigning this information.

Perhaps he was the individual named "Jacob Bogard" whose West Manor property was valued in 1766 and 1767 and who was a member of a Rensselaerswyck militia company in the latter year.

Jacob Bogert was last heard from in 1774 when the city government paid his account.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jacob Bogert is CAP biography number 6108. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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