Anthony E. Bradt
Stefan Bielinski

Anthony E. Bradt was born in January 1727. He was a middle child in the family of Albany residents Egbert and Elizabeth Lansing Bradt. He was known in the community as "Anthony E. Bradt."

His marriage record is complicated! "Anthony E. Bradt's wife" was buried from the Albany Dutch church in November 1761 - when he would have been thirty-four-years-old! In 1764, he married Maria/Mollie Van Deusen. Their son, Egbert, was born the following year. In 1773, he married the widow Alida Hogan Van Schaick. Between 1752 and 1777, five of his children were baptized in the Albany Dutch church where he was an occasional baptism sponsor and probably a member.

Perhaps he was the Anthony Bradt of Albany who was a prisoner at Montreal in 1756.

His home was along the waterfront in Albany's third ward. He was a ship's carpenter but also identified as a farmer and businessman. City assessment rolls from the 1760s and 70s testify to his prosperity.

Although he served as a firemaster in 1757, he did not hold municipal offices until he was elected to represent the third ward on the Albany Committee of Correspondence in May 1775. He participated in committee work, lent financial support to the revolutionary cause, and was exempted from active service in 1778 because of his age. In August, he commanded a company of carpenters under the Quartermaster General. Later, he was granted a land bounty right in conjunction with the city regiment of the County militia.

Anthony E. Bradt was dead by June 1785 when his heirs were referenced in a real estate transaction.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Anthony E. Bradt is CAP biography number 4204. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Anthony Bradt's incarceration is described in a deposition made in October 1756 and printed in the Johnson Papers, volume 2, pp. 647-50.

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