"A list of Officers, Artificers, etc., employed in the Quarter Master General's Branch, in the Northern Department"

[ 21st August, 1778 ]

Morgan Lewis, D-y, Qr. Mr. General.

Thomas Sickels, Asst, D. Qr. M. Genl.
Teunis F. VanVechten , do.
Philip Lansing, do.
Henry I. Bogert, do.

Henry Glen, do., Schenectady.
Volkert A. Dow, do., Coyemans.
Christopher Yates, do., Saratoga     [several possibilities in and beyond Albany]
Harmanus Schuyler, do., Still Water.
Cornelius Wendell, do., Half Moon.
Danl. Tucker, do., Fort Schuyler.

Zacharias Sickels, Store Keeper, Albany.
Jacob Winney, Clerk.   [possibly 2958]
Garret Ryckmen, Clerk of the Check.
Leonard VanBeuren, Corny, of Forage.
Henry VanVechten, Assistant, do.
John W. Wendell, do., do.
Edward S. Willet, Forage Master.
John Ten Broeck, Dpy. Barrack Mas. General.
Gisbert Marselis, Assistant ditto.     [possibly 720]
John Marselis, Jr., Issuer of Wood and Clerk to B. M. Genl.
Cornelius Cadmus Barrack Masr., Saratoga.
Ephraim VanVechten, Dpy. W. Mr. General, Albany.
Jellis Winney, Waggon Master.
Francis Winney, do.
Saml. Bond, do.
Chrisr. A. Yates, do.
John I. Wendell, Overseer of the Public Stables, with Six Hostlers.
Jacobus C. Peak.
William Peters.
John Vernor.
Ryner VanYevenen     [several possibilities]
Teunis Vischer     [several possibilities]
Cornelius Barhyt
William Davis.
Stephen Ball.
Simon DeGraff.
James Dickenson.
John Lesser.
Martin Mynderse, and his Company, containing 12 Blacksmiths.
Anthony E. Bratt, and his Company, containing 25 Carpenters.
Robert Kennieur and 17 Colliers.
Jesse Fairchild and 6 nailers.
20 Carpenters at Batten Kill.

(Signed) M. Lewis,


Transformed from an online presentation generally titled "Revolutionary War Records" as printed in NYBGR, vol. 46 (1915), pp. 336-37. Purports to be from "A. D. Cym-y. Issues," (Gates MSS., Army Returns, 1777-1778). Original document unknown at this time. Most spellings and punctuation have been retained.

Editor's notes: "The return on this victualling list and several other like lists among Gen. Horatio Gates' papers shows that the Heads or Overseers of the Batteaumen, Carpenters, and Blacksmiths were each addressed as "Captain" in official communications and undoubtedly held that rank in the Continental Army, receiving the pay and rations proportional to such rank.
It is to be hoped that future investigation of the methods used in conducting the Quartermaster and Commissariat Departments of the Continental Army will result in the discovery, classification, \ calandering and indexing of many MSS. letter books, original correspondence, and documents still hidden away on dusty shelves of libraries and in ancient boxes in country attics. It is only by such labor that the names and biographical and genealogical histories of the officers of the Quartermaster and Commissary Departments of the Continental Army can be disclosed and their names added to the list of the Line Officers as patriots of equal merit to be remembered."

This roster of mostly Albany men presents an outstanding example of the city's support of the war on the homefront.

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