David Bunn Martine

Chiricahua Apache-Shinnecock/Montauk

“I do not believe, too much, in dwelling on past tragedy, but try to be positive in sharing knowledge.” In the dual capacity of artist and Director/Curator of the Shinnecock Nation Museum, Martine graciously acknowledges his role as “cultural teacher.” In a related capacity, as Chairperson of AMERINDA (American Indian Artists, Inc.), he endeavors to deconstruct stereotypes and historical inaccuracies.


The interpretation of narrative historical scenes of Shinnecock culture has dictated Martine's creative path for more than 30 years. “Through the paintings, research, and teaching, I and other concerned people in the tribe have been especially interested in reinvigorating aspects of the culture that have been set aside over the past 300 years of European contact.”





Mandush, Shinnecock Sachem of the 17th century, 2007

Acrylic on canvas


NYSM E2013.62




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