Will of Gerritt Ryers - 1694

[Page 189] In the name of God, Amen, the 15 February, 1694. I, Gerritt Ryers (Gerritse), of the city of Albany, seaman, being sick, but of sound mind.

I leave to my eldest son, Elbert Gerittse, my large Bible with the Annotations, with copper clasps, and that by reason he is my first born, which he is to have as soon as his mother dies, but not before. I leave to my second son, John Gerrittse, who is a shoemaker by trade, the lot of ground where his Tan pitt now stands in my yard or garden, on the south side of the little creek, next to Anthony Breeses land, being 15 feet wide and 37 feet along Breeses fence, with the privilege of a gang or lane 5 feet wide to the street; Also a piece 15 feet square upon the high land next to Johanes Thomases back house towards the street, to make a run or Bark house. I leave to my youngest son, Ryer Gerritts, all my wearing apparell, and my gun, and sword, and belt.

I leave all the rest of my estate to my wife, Annettie Gerritts. That is to say the house and orchard without the north gate of Albany where I now live and all else during her widow hood. But when my daughters are married, she shall give each of them an outfit as she shall then be able to afford. After her decease I leave all to my 5 children, Elbert, Johanes, Ryer, Annetie, and Maritie Gerritts.

I make my wife executor, and Egbert Teunisse and my son Elbert, guardians of my children under age.

Witnesses, Teunis Slinglelandt, Anthony Bratt, Robert Livingston.

Proved, March 25, 1713, and Letters of administration are granted to the eldest son, Elbert Gerritts, the widow having died without having proved this will.


Will dated February 15, 1694. Probated March 25, 1713. Printed in Abstracts of Wills, 26:104-05. Spellings are retained as given. Some paragraphing and restructuring supplied.

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