Egbert Teunise
Stefan Bielinski

Egbert Teunise was the son of New Netherland pioneers Teunis Teunise and Egbertje Egberts. He was called "Teunise," "Egbertse," and also sometimes known by the occupational surname of "Metselaer."

In 1685, he was among the siblings provided for in the joint will filed by his parents.

By 1680, he had married Maria Barents Bradt. By 1691, the marriage had produced eight children, most of whom were baptized in the Albany Dutch church where he was a member, supporter, and a deacon.

He lived in Albany's third ward. In 1690, he was identified as a merchant who dealt in bark canoes. He served as assessor and juror. In 1689, he was elected assistant alderman. In 1690, Jacob Leisler appointed him alderman. Re-elected assistant for the third ward in 1692, he served on the city council for much of the remainder of the century. In 1697, his household was configured on the Albany census. Two years later, he joined his neighbors in swearing allegiance to the king of England.

In February 1694, he was named CO-guardian of the minor children of Gerrit Ryerse.

Active in public business, he often represented Albany in activities involving the greater region. In 1707, he purchased land at Schaghticoke on the city's behalf. He may have owned an additional Albany house in the first ward.

Egbert Teunise filed a will in December 1704. It named his wife and three living children. He was dead by June 26, 1716 when the will passed probate!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Egbert Teunise is CAP biography number 4500. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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