The Albany County Hall of Records

ACHOR is the widely recognized and often used contraction for Albany County Hall of Records - the official repository of the public records relating to Albany County and its subordinate jurisdictions.

Because ACHOR is the official custodian/home of ALL public records relating to the city of Albany, its holdings are vital to the research conducted by the Colonial Albany Social History Project. Beyond the city, ACHOR is the principal repository for the public records of every part of Albany County

Essential reading begins with an online posting of the most comprehensive and readable history of the Hall of Records by Thomas Clingan, county clerk for twenty-five years until his retirement in 2013. Understanding/awareness of the impetus, establishment, development, and ongoing operations of the Albany County records program is basic to conducting research in this region.

This webpage will place the institution with its early Albany CONTEXT and will provide links to its resources on on ongoing basis.


Resources: Official ACHOR home page; Tivoli Times newsletter; Online subscription-driven records search;

General references to ACHOR on this website (PCALHW); CASHP Guide

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