Van Valkenburgh


The Van Valkenburgh family of early Albany is descended from New Amsterdam resident Lambert Van Valkenburgh who brought his family to Beverwyck during the early 1650s.

Lambert was included on a census of Albany householders taken in 1679. His given name persisted through many generations of the family.

Their daughter married soldier John Radcliff and raised a large Albany-based family that established the Radcliff/Radley family in Albany and the region for generations to come. Her Albany household represented the family on the Albany census in 1697.

One of her Radcliff sons was named on the list of Albany freeholders taken in 1720. No Van Valkenburghs were listed.

As many as three Van Valkenburgh households were identified on the census of householders taken in 1756. One of them belonged to carpenter and tavern-owner's son Jacobus Van Valkenburgh. His five daughters married newcomers who made important contributions to Albany life during the era of the American Revolution.

By 1790, no Van Valkenburgh-named households were listed on the census for the city of Albany. Only Jochem Van Volkenburgh was named on the Watervliet census. By that time, the Van Valkenburgh family was becoming well-established in greater Albany County and beyond!

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