Jan Cornelisse Vanderhoeven


This individual was called Jan Cornelisse and probably was born about 1650. He also was known as "Jan Van der hoeve." Perhaps, he was the brother of Albany mainstay Cornelis Vanderhoeven and the son of widow Geertje Van Fulpen who arrived in New Amsterdam with her children in 1661. Jan is said to have lived in New Amsterdam and then relocated to Albany about 1671.

His wife was Dorothe Jans. They had six children christened at the Albany Dutch church between 1683 and 1694. Additional children may have been born to the couple earlier - prior to the existence of surviving baptism records for the Albany Reformed church. From 1683 on, he was a member, contributor, and regular baptism sponsor at the Albany church.

In 1684, his Albany taxes were in arrears. In 1694, he served as a constable in Albany. However, his name does not appear on Albany survey documents from that time.

Jan Cornelisse Vanderhoeven later removed to Kinderhook. We seek information on his origins, later life, and passing.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jan Cornelisse Vanderhoeven is CAP biography number 6668. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. We are careful not to confuse him with an older contemporary known as Jan Cornelisse Viselaer.

first posted: 8/20/07