Cornelis Vanderhoeven


Spelled and referenced variously, Cornelis Vanderhoeven probably was born in Europe. Traditional sources state that he was born in Holland 1642. His parents would have been Cornelis and Geertje Van Fulpen Vanderhoeve whose offspring came to New Netherland about 1661. He was one of four children named in the will filed by widow Geertje in Albany in 1684.

About 1677, he married "Metie" Beekman. The marriage produced several children - the last was a son christened in August 1689 - with the father being deceased. This Cornelis was a member of the Albany Dutch church.

In June 1672, he purchased a house in Albany. He later sold it and bought another houselot. However, his name appears to be absent from the census of Albany householders taken in 1679. Perhaps he was accounted for in the household of his brother.

In 1676 and afterwards, he was appointed official carter of Albany. In June 1681, his petition for re-appointment noted that he had "suffered great misfortune through the sinking of his boat."

In 1687, Cornelis "Van der hoeve" was an Albany merchant and involved in the Indian trade.

Cornelis Vanderhoeven filed a will in September 1685. It was in Dutch and stated that he was "of Albany city." It named his"present wife Metie Beeckman" as executor and noted he had children. The will mentioned real and personal property. An additional note stated that he was buried on January 10, 1689. In 1694, his widow was owed money by the Albany government.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Cornelis Vanderhoeven is CAP biography number 6667. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Alternative spellings of his surname include "Vanderhoef."

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