Robert Roseboom


Robert Roseboom was born in May 1693. He was the eldest son of Albany mainstays Gerrit and Maria Sanders Roseboom. He was named for his mother's prominent father. He grew up in a merchant's home in Albany's second ward.

In December 1743, he was fifty when he married his forty-three-year-old cousin, Ryckie Roseboom, at the Albany Dutch church. Probably due to the ages of the marriage partners, no children have appeared on Albany church rolls. Both partners, however, were church members and baptism sponsors.

In 1715, he served in his father's militia company. As early as 1723, his name appeared on lists of Albany merchants interested in the fur trade. In 1733, he was appointed firemaster for the third ward. In 1742 and again in 1763, he was counted among Albany's freeholders. In 1753, he was paid for wood his "negro" helped bring to the city in 1745. The census of Albany householders taken in 1756 identified him as a merchant.

In 1723, Robert Roseboom was referenced in an action involving the fur trade out of Schenectady.

We have not investigated his real estate enterprises beyond Albany.

Robert Roseboom filed a will in August 1746. It named his wife but not children as his heirs. Also recognized were his five living siblings. He was buried in February 1764 and the will passed probate in April.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Robert Roseboom is CAP biography number 1952. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. His family bible has been referenced online.

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