Gerrit A. Lansing


Gerrit A. Lansing was born in November 1705. He was the second son born to the marriage of middle-aged Abraham G. Lansing and the much younger Albany native Magdalena Van Tricht Lansing. He grew up in a large family in the second ward home of an Albany mainstay who lived until 1745. This individual was known as "Gerrit A. Lansing" to help prevent confusion with a number of contemporary "Gerrit Lansings."

He was called "of Schenectady" when he married Albany native Machtel Beekman in January 1738. The marriage was of short duration and childless as Machtelt died later that year. Thirty years later, he may have married again. In May 1768, "Gerrit A. Lansing" was identified as an Albany County merchant when he took out marriage bonds with the widow Ruth Man of New York City.

In 1727, he was appointed constable for the second ward. The next year, he was named high constable.

In October 1758, Gerrit A. Lansing bought a plot of land off of Pearl Street along with Abraham Lansing - possibly his older brother or even a nephew. The property description referenced their house and lot in the second ward.

We believe this individual lived in Albany - at least for some of his adult life. However, substantial community-based information identifying only "Gerrit Lansing" cautions us against making a number of linkages at this time. Also possible is that he lived with an "Abraham Lansing" as he was without children (and thus necessitating a household) of his own.

According to information kept in his father's family bible, Gerrit A. Lansing died in November 1789 at the age of eighty-four. He had filed a will in 1780 which identified his wife "Ruth" as well as a numbers of nieces and nephews. That will passed probate on November 16. His widow lived until 1808.

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first posted: 6/20/09