Hans Hendricks
Stefan Bielinski

Hans Hendricks was the patriarch of the Hansen family of early Albany. He probably was born about 1636. By the early 1660s, he had married Eva Gillis de Meyer and had settled in Beverwyck where he was counted among the community's principal fur traders.

In 1679, he was a prominent Albany householder who chronicled the birth of seven children in his family bible. In 1674, he joined with other Lutherans to petition the governor for permission to call their own minister. Called "Captain," his home on the east side of Market Street was an Albany landmark. In 1684, he was in default for his taxes and was fined. Hans Hendrix owned other lots in Albany and a farm and other country property as well.

Calling himself an Albany city "yeoman," he filed a will in February 1694. It mentioned four living children and left the entire estate to his wife Eva who was named executrix. A bible notation stated that he died on Wednesday evening, February 21, 1694 at age fifty-eight. The homes of his widow and sons were configured on the Albany census of 1697. His son and grandson later became mayors of Albany.



the people of colonial AlbanyThe life of Hans Hendricks (Johannes Hansen) is CAP biography number 4937. "Heyndrix" was another common spelling of his name. This profile is derived chiefly from community-based resources and from his family bible.

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