Maria Conyn Gansevoort
Stefan Bielinski

Maria Conyn was the wife of Harmen Harmanse and the matriarch of the Albany Gansevoort family! She was the daughter of Beverwyck brewer/trader Leendert Conyn and his wife, Agnietie.

As she lived until 1743, she probably was born about 1650 - making her at least fifteen years younger than her husband. Their marriage during the 1670s may have produced as many as twelve children who further established the Gansevort name in Albany. Like most of her family, Maria probably was a member of the Albany Dutch church where she witnessed a number of baptisms.

Wife and mother, in 1678 she appeared in court to argue a case on behalf of her husband. By that time, these Gansevoorts had become Albany mainstays as Harmen Harmanse successfully followed her father in the brewing business.

Harmen Harmanse died in 1708 "a very old man!" In 1709, Maria's name appeared on the assessment roll as the owner of substantial property in the third ward.

Maria Conyn Gansevoort's long life came to a close in January 1743. She was buried in the Albany Dutch church cemetery.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Maria Conyn Gansevoort is CAP biography number 7699. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Maria's marriage is more thoughtfully considered in The Gansevoorts of Albany, pp. 25-27.

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