Evert Brown


With a number of same named contemporaries living in the region, we seek defining information on the origins and path to Albany of one-time resident Evert Brown.

By 1800, Evert Brown was living in Albany where his household was configured on the census of the Second Ward. Also at that Orange Street address were five children under ten, two adolescents, a male over 46 years old, a slightly younger woman, and one slave. In 1802, his house, lot, and personal property on Orange Street were valued moderately.

Perhaps, he was born in 1742 and raised in the Westchester County family of Frederick and Johanna Brown. His father was a tenant farmer living in Philipsburgh. If so, in 1766 Evert was named as son and heir in the will filed by his "infirm" father.

Although we have not yet established him in Albany, we seek to document his activities during the war years. However, an Evert Brown and fourteen other Browns were listed as privates in the First Regiment of the New York Line. This regiment was part of the more regular/active Revolutionary army. Perhaps a "federal" service pension would fill in his lifecourse gaps.

Perhaps his first wife was one Jane (Foseur) Brown. In 1782, he married Jemima Dyckman. A number of young people were living in his house in 1800. Family-based resources note that in his two marriages, Evert was the father of many children. However, this family does not seem to be represented in the extant records of early Albany churches.

In 1790, the household of one Evert Brown was configured on the census was configured in the Westchester County town of Greenburgh. That individual was a prominent (an innkeeper with 19 people including 7 slaves) resident of Hastings where he was the proprietor of Brown's Tavern. Again, we are not certain that the above scenario relates to the Albany resident of 1800.

After 1802, his name has not yet been accounted for in the community-based record. Perhaps he had moved on or had died.

With a number of possible origins and identities and with essential questions on the life of Albany resident Evert Brown still unanswered, we move on for now!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Evert Brown is CAP biography number 7450. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted 2/20/18