Cornelis T. Van Vechten


Cornelis Teunise Van Vechten was born about 1640. He was the son of New Netherland pioneer Teunis Van Vechten.

In 1668, he was identified as the husband of Sara Salomons Goewy. That marriage produced at least two (and maybe four) children.

Van Vechten was a member of the Albany Dutch church and an occasional baptism sponsor. In June 1689, the church recorded his marriage to the Widow Maria Lucasz. At that time, he was called the widower of Anna Leenderts - ostensibly meaning he was embarking on a third marriage!

Although connected to Albany activities, Cornelis Teunise was listed as a farmer in Captain Gerritse's company in 1689. He was identified as a resident householder in Rensselaerswyck on the census taken in 1697.

In December 1697, he was accused of running over Colonel Schuyler's daughter. His brother claimed it was an accident. Cornelis Teunise Van Vechten joined his Albany neighbors in signing a petition in 1701.

In March 1705, he was identified as a yeoman of Bethlehem when his attorney sued a neighbor for an old debt. It was the last recorded reference to him found to date!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Cornelis T. Van Vechten is CAP biography number 2449. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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