Cornelius Ten Broeck


This Cornelius Ten Broeck was born in February 1763. He was the son of John C. and Sara Gansevoort Ten Broeck. This eldest son grew up in a large family in the Market Street home of a prominent merchant and community leader. Curiously, eight of these Ten Broecks died unmarried. This individual is frequently referenced as "Cornelius J. Ten Broeck." With a number of same-named contemporaries, we exercise caution in the assignment of qualitative information.

Perhaps he was one of the three men enumerated in the third ward household of his father in 1790. Thus, he would have been the "Cornelius Ten Broeck whose personal property was valued modestly under his father's Market Street house in 1788.

In August 1797, "Cornelius" owned a house Market Street that was rented to newcomer Simon De Jardin and others but was destroyed by a raging fire.

He does not seem to be among the Albany residents included in the first city directory of 1813.

Cornelius J. Ten Broeck is said to have died unmarried at the end of November 1814.

This well-born Albany native seems to have left only a faint impression on the community landscape. Perhaps the statement that he died unmarried and at the age of fifty-one accounts for that perception. At this point, we surmise that he lived under the family umbrella.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Cornelius Ten Broeck is CAP biography number 57. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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