Simon was the runaway slave of Luycas Wyngaert of Albany. He probably was born during the first decades of the eighteenth century.

The Boston Evening Post for October 3, 1748 ran the following notice:

RAN-AWAY from Luykas Job. Wyngaard, of the City of Albany, Merchant, a certain Negro Man named SIMON, of a middle size, a slender spry Fellow, has a handsome smooth Face, and thick Legs; SPEAKS VERY GOOD ENGLISH: Had on when he went away a blue Cloth Great Coat. Whoever takes up the said Negro and brings him to his Master, or to Mr. JOHN LIVINGSTON, at NEW YORK, shall receive Three Pounds, New York Money, Reward, and all reasonable Cost and Charges paid by John Livingston.

At this point, we have encountered no additional information.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Simon has not yet been accorded a CAP biography number. This note is based on a single source.

Likely to have been Albany merchant Luykas J. Wyngaert..

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