Mary Shepard Clench


Mary Shepard was born about 1766. She was the only daughter among several brothers in the family of William and Jane Shephard. Her father was a propserous metal artisan whose background and British contacts caused him great difficulties during the Revolutionary conflict. Mary grew up in a home on upper State Street near the English church.

By 1790, she had become the wife of Schenectady resident Benjamin V. Clench. Beginning in that year, their children were christened in St. Peter's Episcopal church where both parents were members.

In 1790, the newlyweds were most likely living in the upper State Street home of her father. In March 1794, she was named in William Shepherd's will. Following her father's death later in the year, the Clenches took over the family residence at what would be known as 88 State. In 1800, their household counted twelve members - probably including her widowed mother.

Benjamin V. Clench was a notable auctioneer who later re-located his family to South Pearl Street.

Mary Shepard Clench died in February 1834 at the age of sixty-seven. Her husband survived for several years afterwards.

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