Janet Rutherford Easton
Stefan Bielinski

Jane/Janet Rutherford was the wife of newcomer Albany shoemaker John Easton. Perhaps she was the daughter of Captain John Rutherford - a royal operative in the Albany area during the 1740s and 50s. In any event, we seek defining information on her precise origins and path to Albany.

By January 1779, these Eastons had settled in Albany when her son James was baptized at the Albany Dutch church. Several more children followed. In 1788, her son John was christened at the Albany Presbyterian church.

Her growing family lived on upper State Street until John Easton's death in 1799. For a time afterwards, widow Janet resided in the house subsequently headed by her son. In 1802, she purchased the lot behind their house extending south to Nail Street. However, by 1814, she had relocated to 97 Beaver Street.

Janet Rutherford Easton was dead by August 16, 1816 when her will passed probate!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Janet Rutherford Easton is CAP biography number 7915. This profile is derived chiefly from community-based resources. Probably of Scottish origins, we seek defining information on her family and on the circumstances of her arrival in Albany!

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