Jacob Pruyn, Jr.


Jacob Pruyn, Jr. was born in July 1744. He was the son of Frans S. and Alida Van Iveren Pruyn. He grew up in a businessman's home in Albany's second ward. Sometimes, he was known as "Jacob F. Pruyn."

In February 1774, he married probable Kinderhook native Hendrickie Van Buren. By 1790, seven children had been christened at the Albany Dutch church where he was a member and pewholder.

In 1767, he was listed as a private in an Albany militia company. In that year he was appointed constable for the second ward. In 1769, he was appointed firemaster. On several occasions, his account was paid by the Albany government. In 1782, he was appointed chimney viewer for the second ward.

We believe this Jacob Pruyn raised his family in the third ward. However, unless he was referred to as Jacob F. or Jacob Pruyn, Jr., it is difficult to match available but less specific census and assessment information with his life at this time. However, we believe that this individual lived on Columbia Street and that his house was of modest value. In 1790, his large family may have been accounted for on the census.

Jacob Pruyn, Jr. died in June 1812. His will passed probate on June 19.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jacob Pruyn, Jr. is CAP biography number 3548. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 7/30/06