Gerritje Lansing Bradt Washburn


Gerritje Lansing was born in November 1748. She was the last child born to the marriage of Albany residents Gerrit I. and Ariaantie Beekman Lansing. Her father died just before her birth leaving Ariaantie a widow and Albany householder for many decades thereafter.

In July 1767, Gertie was not yet eighteen when she married Albany native John E. Bradt at the Albany Dutch church. The following March, their only child was christened in Albany. In 1766, the "daughter in law of Egbert Bradt" was assessed at the rate of one pound. In any event, John Bradt did not live much beyond their wedding.

In March 1779, the thirty-one-year-old widow married newcomer Bethuel Washburn - New England-born boarder and associate of her late father-in-law. Over the next decade, at least two of their children were christened at her Albany church where she was a member and pewholder for many years.

Bethuel Washburn filed a will in April 1790. It named "Garritie" as co-executor. He was dead before the census was taken and Gerritje Washburn was accounted for in the household of her mother. Her first ward house and lot were configured on the assessment roll for 1799. A year later, the census configured the household of "Gertrude Washburn" with four children in addition to the aging widow.

Late in January 1807, "Garritie Washburn" and two married sisters signed a document completing a deed transaction for which they received "money" for an unspecified property [Presumably in Saratoga County]. Thus, Gerritje Lansing Bradt Washburn died sometime afterward.

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the people of colonial AlbanySources: The life of Gerritje Lansing Bradt Washburn is CAP biography number 3310. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Scanned deed-book (Leonard Gansevoort and wife Hester to John Ruebottom) and accompanying later indenture, (William Van Wie and wife Jannities, Hester Roseboom and Garritie Washburn to John Ruebottom) from the Saratoga County, New York Deeds Book E, page 339, 340, and 341; courtesy of a cyber benefactor - summer 2012.

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