The Cooper family of early Albany descends from Obadiah Cooper, a tailor who settled in Albany before 1720. His large family included several future Albany residents. At least four individuals named "Obadiah Cooper" lived in Albany during the eighteenth century.

In 1756, the names of baker Jacob, tavernkeeper Obadiah, and two other Coopers appeared on the census of Albany householders.

In 1790, four Cooper-named households were enumerated on the Albany and Watervliet census.

In 1813, five Cooper-named households were listed on the first city directory. However, the State Street home of physician-politician Charles D. Cooper belonged to an unconnected newcomer.

The "Cooper" name was well-established in several colonies. This exposition focuses on the descendants of Obadiah and Cornelia Gardinier Cooper. Seventeenth-century trader Timothy Cooper does not seem to have been related to Obadiah. Subsequent Coopers in nineteenth-century Albany do not appear to have been related to this family.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The Cooper family has fewer than fifty named members in the CAP data base. This family profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
Internet resources: Pane-Joyce; Hinesite; NYG&BS;
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