Cornelia Clark Hallenbeck


Cornelia Clark probably was born during the 1740s. Perhaps, she was the daughter of relative newcomer Patrick Clark - the name of one of her sons. In that case, her mother would have been Albany native Cornelia Waldron. She most often would be known as "Eleanor" or "Neeltie."

In March 1766, "Neeltje" married her first ward neighbor Bernardus Hallenbeck at the Albany Dutch church. By the mid-1780s, eight children had been christened in the Albany church where she was a pewholder.

These Hallenbecks lived for more than twenty-five years on the South side of Albany in a modest house on the west side of what became South Pearl Street.

Neeltie lost her husband October 1792. She became head of a first ward household that included only one somewhat younger woman. Neeltie Clark Hallenbeck may have died in Albany in August 1801.

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